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About us

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for visiting this site. South Africa is not a coupon nation. Paying full price is what we do. And, before this site, finding a good deal may have been associated with good luck.

I am the owner of a small business as well as a consumer and I understand the frustrations involved in finding a good deal as well as offering one.

As a consumer I realise that although I am able to find certain limited offers, unless I collect every publication, as well as every pamphlet at every traffic light and also physically shop around for bargains, I won’t find the right deal at the right time!

As a business owner I have spent enough money on advertising to understand that good advertising costs a fortune and that selling a product at a competitive rate often prevents a business from being able to advertise effectively. Businesses also tend to chop and change mediums due to a “lack in response” and yet we are seldom able to accurately measure the response of the various kinds of advertising.

Coupons SA marries the consumers’ needs with the needs of most businesses.
Advertising special offers in one place means that the consumer only has to look in one place to find a great deal! With the use of an actual coupon, businesses can easily measure the impact of their advertising. Advertising with Coupons SA is also one of South Africa’s cheapest advertising mediums and the consumer is not charged for access to the coupons.

We have a few basic viewpoints at Coupons SA.

1. Keep it ethical.
No chancers. No cheating.

2. Keep it simple.
Please email us if we’ve made anything more complicated than it needs to be.

3. Keep shopping.
Ok, that’s my wife’s motto - but I could not resist throwing that in!

I sincerely hope that you find using Coupons SA an absolute pleasure and that both vendors and consumers benefit from our concept.

Coupons SA

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