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Super Link Review | Volume 1 – Zest Bikes

Okay so I always wanted a cool ride, I mean if Batman gets the Batmobile then I should be able to get something just as awesome. Although seen that the Batmobile uses 80 litres of 95 unleaded per kilometre, cost roughly R14 million and is a nightmare to park... I quickly ruled that one out.
I did a quick search on the internet and found the best deals for scooters at Zest Bikes! So I zoomed down to Zest Bikes Cape Town to have a look at their sleek range of 125cc, 150cc and 300cc Scooters and was really impressed by the quality scooters you can get for your hard earned rands, not to mention the outrages fuel efficiency of up to 40km/litre! . All Scooters are available with a 2year / 40 000km warrantee and Zest Bikes have been around for over 6 years so these guys know what they talking about and as an added benefit they love what they do.

I first had a look at the retro styled Zest 150cc Z150-2, very cool looking machine with chrome finishes and a very stylish James Dean look about it.

Very cool but a super hero might need something a bit more sporty looking. The very helpful sales guy directed my attention towards the Zest 150cc Z150-1 and it was love at first sight, at first glance I could already picture myself zipping around the city’s streets trying to find the best deals, coupons and specials for all the good people who follow

In one quick and easy transaction (Zest Bikes will even help you get financing) I was the proud owner of a brand new Zest scooter. I even managed to purchase a performance exhaust to give it extra zoom, a top box to keep my secret identity in and a helmet to protect my perfect hair, all that at affordable prices. For scheduled services I can even take my scooter to Zest Bikes on site service department.

I have named mine Super Scoot and he is a worthy sidekick, get your own sidekick at Zest Bikes Cape Town.

Till next time.

Super Link

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