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Super Link Review | Volume 2 – Dream Nails

Relaxing sitting back enjoying a fine cup of coffee while a professional nail therapist sees to my damaged cuticles and poorly manicured finger nails, yes I am getting a manly MAN-i-cure from Dream Nails Bayside Mall.

How did you manage to damage all the nails on your right hand you ask? I’ll tell you. I was deep inside the internet destroying unwanted pop up ads, when out of nowhere! Evil Dr. Baddealio surrounded me with his evil minions also known as Misinformationals. They had the jump on me Dr. Baddealio hit me with his judo kick of “Hidden Cost”, I fell to my knees and as he stood above me chuckling his evil scam chuckle, Kim Van Rensberg of kinkykim@***** subscribed to (to be able to print out an awesome coupon for a French pedicure with free manicure at Dream Nails Bayside) thus giving me an instant power up! I leapt to my feet and delivered the fierce backhand of “Free Coupons No Hidden Cost” sending Dr. Baddealio and the Misinformationals back to the dark side of the internet. And that, my Coupons SA comrades, is how I damaged all the nails on my right hand.

As much as I am enjoying this MAN-i-cure the deep tissue massage to follow is going to be amazing. Sitting relaxed listening to the soothing music and gentle hustle of the polite and determined staff, I begin to notice how all the clients look as relaxed and confident as I am. I can see that these women treating themselves to French manicures, eyelash extensions and other beautiful products have done wonderful things, even great things and have come back to Dream Nails to rejuvenate themselves before heading back out to do even more inspiring and great things.

Dream Nails Bayside Mall, stop by sometime, you deserve it.

Till next time.

Super Link

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