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Super Link Review | Volume 4 - Liquid Force

Well even a super hero needs a hobby, but not just any hobby. If your day job is to be an awesome deal finding coupon making defender of the people then you hobby has to take it up a notch.

That’s why I decided to take Super Scoot and visit the pros at Liquid Force Table View to sign up for their schweet weekend Kite Surfing Lesson. Before leaving for the weekend fun session the guys recommended I have a look at some of the latest gear they have on display in their shop, a shop that looks like it’s been plucked up from Venice Beach California and placed neatly in Table View just a stone throw away from the beautiful Atlantic ocean.

With my red Speedo traded in for some wicked Liquid Force kit I was able to start the weekend’s training at least looking like a pro.

So day one begins with me learning the ropes, literally! You have to know what all the ropes, strings, knots and straps are there for before you can climb on and start practising on the wild uncharted waters of Langebaan. Once you are able to understand how the kite works and given a bit of training on how to manipulate the winds you will get into this sport in a big way. I know I did. The guys really have a knack for teaching the fundamentals in a easy to understand somewhat entertaining way.

Day two is all about practise and with the Liquid Force team on hand at all times to give you pointers, encouragement and politely not laugh at you after whipping out for the umpteenth time, you seem to have the confidence to really want to push yourself. As you feel yourself getting better at it and you become more stable and start cutting though the water like a seasoned pro, you get this urge to get even better, to surf more spots, to spend more hours on the water... at least you know the Liquid Force team will always be around to keep you going and to keep you supplied with the latest gear.

If the Liquid Force Team can turn my bulky flatfooted self into an agile streamlined tamer of the winds, then I’m pretty sure anybody that wants to learn the fine art of kite surfing will have the time of their lives training with the Liquid Force Table View team.

Till next time

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