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Woohoo, it's getting to this time of the year again CAPE TOWN FESTIVAL OF BEER                                             



Cape Town Festival of Beer , more commonly known as a model of the German Oktoberfest, is coming up soon! Granted, we’re only in July now, but hasn’t the year just flown by thus far?

23. – 25. November is the date you’ve got to note in your calendar!

It’s happening at Hamilton’s Rugby Club in Greenpoint, just like last two years.



Let’s hope the south-easter will be a little less violent this year and let the Festival rather figuratively than literally sweep us of our feet.

Last year, the heavy wind made it quite difficult to sit in the outside area and kindly gave the Miller promo girls a Marilyn Monroe look. Thank goodness the experienced event crew had everything fastened steadily.


Beside the weather, there were of course other impressions the Cape Town Festival of Beer left from the previous year – and that’s definitely the beer!

South African Breweries and its brands are always present, but also some smaller breweries that produce artisan beers, not readily available at your common liquor store.


One that left a particular good memory is The Saggy Stone Brewery .

This microbrewery was started to fulfill the dream of two brothers. They are producing a craft-brewed lager known as California common beer (or steam beer).


Definitely also make a stop at Robson’s  stand and have a try from their range of five premium handcrafted beers - Wheat Bear, East Coast Ale, Fruit Beer, Durban Pale Ale and West Coast Ale.


Whether you like the common or the artisan beers, Cape Town Beer Festival is the place to be if you’re a beer-lover or if you just want to have a good time with your friends!


Remember to buy your tickets on Webtickets to avoid the wait at the gates and please ladies and gents dress to impress in your Dirndl and Lederhosen!


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