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Today let’s have a look at Photoshop Touch

Somehow the app ended up with an only 3.5 Star-rating  in iStore but a 4.1 Star-rating  in the Android App Store – maybe Android users are less fussy than iPad users?0 This is probably mostly because in their reviews the every-day, professional users of Photoshop complain about the comparatively low photo quality and low resolution when saving pictures and the fact that PS Touch does not have iPad Retina Support, compared to the PC software.

True, it’s definitely a negative if you’re using it on such a basis, but for us normal mortals PS Touch is simply the most awesome photo-editing app EVER! Besides, with the latest update you can increase the resolution to 2048 x 2048 with 10 layers, export to PSD and PNG via Camera Roll or email and transfer images to desktop via iTunes.

If you’re someone who just likes to play around with photos or don’t have a clue how the PC Photoshop software actually works, don’t go spend big bucks on a course, the app is fantastic for learning the basics.

You can do an in-depth tutorial for each of the following features:


  • Layers & Selections

  • Add dramatic flair

  • Paint with effects

  • Replace colours

  • Create camera layers

  • Make a pencil sketch

  • Create photo frames

  • Add a tattoo

  • Make a painting

  • Add people to images

  • Drop shadow text

  • Antique photos

  • Clean up a background

  • Smooth images blending

  • Tilt-shift effect

The tutorials give you step-by-step instructions on how to create your desired effect.

The app lets you search and acquire images with the integrated Google Image Search and you can share images on Facebook and view comments right within the app. It also has the integrated feature of AirPrint, so you can wirelessly print your project directly from your tablet.

Admittedly, at $9.99 in the US app store and R82.94 in the Android Store, the app is quite a bit pricey, if you just want to play around – but the fact that you can snap pics right from your tablet’s camera, edit them in PS Touch and send them off to your family and friends via email or social media, really makes up for it. Pictures also automatically sync to your cloud server. Plus, with the purchase of PS Touch, you’ll get a free membership to Creative Cloud and 2GB of cloud storage.

Bottom-line? Download the app, you won’t regret it!


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